A flat tax would end the fat cats’ avoidance | Hugo Rifkind

The awesome investigation and ongoing reportage in The Times by Alexi Mostrous on tax avoidance has left me thinking, and for the first time approvingly, about flat taxes.

Flat taxes are the idea that everybody pays the same rate of tax on everything. This would eradicate tax avoidance, because without variables there could be no such thing.

In the past, I’ve bristled at the idea, because it tends to be advanced at a low level, by rich folk on the Right who want to pay less.

Suddenly, though, I’m thinking about a high flat tax. A Left-friendly flat tax. 30 per cent? 35 per cent? You’d have to increase the tax threshold so as not to overly hit the poor, but it would change little for people in the middle, and force the super-rich to behave properly. Why not?

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Read more: in a leading article this morning, we say that tax avoidance “has got out of control” and that the scale of the avoidance in Britain “is, itself, a case for sweeping reform”.


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