The BBC’s Olympics website has listed Israel as having no capital city, while it named East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, causing anger in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bureau.

In response to omitting mention of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Netanyahu’s foreign press and public affairs adviser sent a letter of protest to the BBC, and launched a Facebook page calling to pressure the BBC.

Following pressure, the BBC altered Israel’s page to note that the ‘seat of government’ is in Jerusalem, and altered Palestine’s page to note that the ‘intended seat of government’ is in East Jerusalem. Read more.


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    Interesting… East Jerusalem / West Jerusalem .. International city of Jerusalem.
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    I pray to see the day where isreal would just be another state from history.
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    This is called political activism and SHOULD NOT be happening in the news.
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    Country with long standing anti-Semitic ignores internationally recognized state capital - gets applause from the...
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