Cat fight | Larry (owner: David Cameron, Prime Minister) and Freya (owner: George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer) were caught slugging it out on Downing Street earlier today. It looks like Freya (top, right) landed the best hook.

Poor old Larry. His work as Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office has already been called into question because he just isn’t that good at catching mice. Now he’s been beaten up by a girl.

Still, he looks dapper in a bow tie.

(Fight photographer: Political Pictures)


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    The hilarious bit? The government has now been forced to comment and say that there’s no ‘cat feud’. Of course there’s a...
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    He has staff now. And no-one likes him as a boss. (there’s a metaphor here I know it)
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    This is the real news.
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    i thought larry got sacked, are you saying the daily mail lied to me?
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