I took off my clerical collar and cut it up in an interview on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday December 9, 2007. I said I would not wear it again until Robert Mugabe ceased to be in power in Zimbabwe. I made this prophetic statement as Mr Mugabe had slowly but surely cut the identity of the Zimbabwean people into tiny pieces. I did not expect still to be collarless five years on.

John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, prays for free and fair elections to topple Robert Mugabe

My favourite argument against gay marriage | Hugo Rifkind

I think my favourite argument against gay marriage is the one that regards it as the top of a slippery slope which leads to things such as bestiality, paedophilia, incest and sex with your toaster.

It’s my favourite because it’s so very illogical. For one, it assumes a link between homosexuality and such things, thus betraying its own prejudices from the outside. For another, if there was such a slippery slope, then the thing at the top of it wouldn’t be gay marriage, but…marriage.

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