We have a local vacancy for a loo cleaner

Times reader Daniel Case comments on Philip Collins’s column today, where Philip suggests that Gordon Brown should get himself a bigger job.

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Columns - Friday June 15, 2012

Sneak peek | Our hatred of Gordon Brown

It is common to describe Mr Brown as a tragic character but it is oddly rare that anyone pauses to think how literally true that is. There is no greater mark of the dislike he inspires than that people feel no compunction (I do not exempt myself) in a display of hostility to a man who lost the sight of an eye at 18, who experienced the primal pain of the death of a child and whose son was born with a serious illness.

Philip Collins in The Times tomorrow.

Gorillas in the mist (of the Leveson Inquiry) | Daniel Finkelstein

Rupert Murdoch says he talked to Gordon Brown shortly after The Sun endorsed the Conservatives in September 2009. Gordon Brown says that he did not. One of them, under oath, must be lying.

Not quite. 

One of the most striking features of the Leveson Inquiry has been how much most people seem to have forgotten.

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Columns - Tuesday June 12, 2012

Philip Collins gives his verdict on Gordon Brown’s appearance at the Leveson Inquiry

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