Olympians who finished fourth

Daniele Greco (Italy), men’s triple jump, August 9, 2012

More Olympians who finished fourth

Olympians who finished fourth

Niccolo Mornati and Lorenzo Carboncini (Italy), men’s rowing pair, August 3, 2012


Olympians who finished fourth

Claudia Wurzel and Sara Bertolasi (Italy), Women’s Pair, Aug 1, 2012


Times Opinion today | Germany’s euro burden, Egypt’s President, Italy’s cocktail & Britain’s tax avoidance problem


Italy is “a dangerous cocktail of debt, politics, a comedian and Silvio Berlusconi,” says Bill Emmott – despite the stabilising hand of Mario Monti

Egypt has a new President – but he and the Muslim Brotherhood would do well to remember just how few people voted for him, says Amir Taheri

Germany, if it wants the euro to remain, must commit fully to shouldering the debts of eurozone nations, The Times says (as does Tony Blair)

Invest in Africa – the words that every Sunderland footballer will carry on their chests next year, thanks to Aidan Heavey, chief executive of Tullow Oil. He explains why


“If the wealthiest pay as little as 1 per cent tax, and corporations even less, that is an offence against the values and sense of fairness of ordinary people,” says Margaret Hodge, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee

Libby Purves takes Ed Miliband to task for his “cynical” about-turn on immigration

“It should not take an institution of this size the best part of a week to recover from a failed systems upgrade,” we say of NatWest

We also say that East London’s reputation has been lifted by the 50,000 who turned out for the Hackney Weekend festival

(Times Opinion, Monday 25 June, 2012)

Sober assessment of reforms Spain and Italy could make to create export base and help attract foreign investment.

Read more | Our leading article on Greece, Germany and the next steps for the euro

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