Times Opinion today | bad bankers, science is the answer, drug cheats & Hawk-Eye

Bad bankers

“This is not a PR disaster. It’s a disaster,” says Daniel Finkelstein of the Libor-rigging scandal. He offers a little advice to the banks

Barclays could now lead the change for a better banking sector – as drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline did in pharmaceuticals, says David Wighton

The Times says the departure of Bob Diamond and Marcus Agius “must usher in a new culture of probity…intelligent risk-taking rather than excess driven by a desire for short-term profit”.

Higgs boson discovered!

But the search for the UK’s growth particle continues. Could science provide the answer? Alice Thomson thinks so


“It is not just tennis that seems intent on humiliating its officials,” Thunders Ross Clark on Hawk-Eye technology in tennis and the “military-style” reviews system in cricket

The Times says the British Olympic Association should seek longer bans for drug cheats

Russian money

Britain should ask more questions about the oligarchs flowing into London from the old Soviet Union, says Russian activist Alexey Navalny


We should celebrate thus week’s election in Libya, The Times says

The Times says…

Wednesday June 13, 2012

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