Magazine Rack | selected longer reads for the weekend

Jill Lepore on the invention of political consulting in the New Yorker

Robert Draper on gerrymandering in The Atlantic

John Sullivan travels to Cuba in The New York Times Magazine

Sam Bidle on the economics behind internet cam girl business on Gizmodo

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Magazine Rack | selected longer reads for the weekend

On The Morning News, Jessica Kane interviews her mother about what it was like to be a secretary at the Playboy offices in 1960s New York

Sam Alipour on sex in the Olympic village, on ESPN

In Men’s Journal, Josh Eels has a wild week in Lagos

Ferdinand Mount critiques Michael Sandel’s What Money Can’t Buy in The Times Literary Supplement

Compiled by @TomasRuta

Magazine Rack

…a selection of longer reads for the weekend

Gabriel Thompson tries out life as a low-wage temp for Mother Jones:

In the two weeks that I spend working out of Oakland’s Labor Ready branch, my ‘honest pay’ tops out at $8.75 an hour. I’ll clean a yard for a trucking firm, scrape industrial glue from cement floors for a construction company, and screw on the caps of bottles at a massage oil company whose ‘Making Love’ line is a bestseller. I’ll also move heavy tools for a multinational corporation that repairs boilers on ships and be asked to serve food at Oakland As games for Aramark, a $13 billion powerhouse. I wasn’t able to take that one, but if I had, I would have been earning $8 an hour next to unionized workers making $14.30.

The late Christopher Hitchens on George Orwell in Vanity Fair

Stephen Rodrick travels to an oil boom town in Dakota in Men’s Journal

On Slate, William McGowan on how the NYPD busted an extortion ring that preyed on gay men in the 1960s

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Magazine Rack | Andy Murray, marathon endurance, drug cartels & the history of architecture

In The New York Times Magazine, Peter de Jonge on Ivan Lendl’s coaching relationship with Andy Murray

Alex Hutchinson looks at marathon runners and the science behind human endurance in The Walrus

Frank Viviano travelled to Guatemala to search for Mayan ruins but ended up being found by the drug cartels. He details his adventure in The California Magazine

Vicah Shah on the role of architecture throughout history on Thought Economics

Compiled by @TomasRuta

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