Come and find us at our new home, Comment Central

As of tomorrow, were will be no new posts on Times Opinion Tumblr.

When we launched the Tumblr back in June last year, the goal was to give a flavour of what our award-winning columnists and leader writers read and think. We wanted to see if it attracted new readers to The Times and were very clear, with ourselves and our readers, that it was an experiment to see how it could work for us. It flourished in parts, but we’ve come to the conclusion that it wasn’t quite right for us.

So we’re returning to our home on, Comment Central, where you’ll be able to continue to read our fantastic columnists and writers on a daily basis.We’ll have a new podcast up and running soon, and together with the refreshed blog, we think it will cement Times Opinion as the leading platform for comment in any British newspaper.

If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow our list of columnists and writers and to follow @timesopinion and the #commentcentral hashtag, where we’ll put out links to new blogs (with occasional free-to-access articles for those who don’t subscribe to The Times yet).

Hope to see some of you reading and commenting over on Comment Central. Thanks for reading. 

If the press is to serve the people, Parliament should not seek to be its master.

The report from the Leveson Inquiry into the conduct of the press will be released on Thursday. Today, James Harding, Editor of The Times, sets out his alternative vision for press regulation; a middle ground between self-regulation and statutory regulation. Click here to read the article for free

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