Times Opinion today | Cowboy bankers, stupid weather, Eurosceptics & in vitro fertilisation

Cowboy bankers

“We must stop buying the lie that because there is no gun in the boardroom, the occupants must be innocent,” says financial editor Patrick Hosking of the Barclays Libor rigging scandal

Before any public inquiry into Libor rigging is convened, criminal proceedings must be opened, The Times says

Stupid weather

The Met Office predicted that April-May-June would be dry. It was actually the wettest on record in England. Is this down to climate change? asks Matt Ridley

Getting out of Europe

“Smelling victory, the whole Eurosceptic movement is sensing vindication; but it is quite unprepared for its moment in the sun,” says Tim Montgomerie, who puts forward a campaigning “genius” to lead the Eurosceptic cause


In France, it’s now compulsory to carry two breathalysers in your car (as it will be as a tourist visiting France). Agnès Poirier thinks this is all about psychology


Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s new President, must remember that he is responsible to all Egyptians, not just Muslim Brotherhood voters, says Alaa al-Aswany

It would be “absurd” to deliberately exclude the voice of chief constables in the elections for police commissioners, The Times says

The Times speaks in praise of in vitro fertilisation after the five millionth IVF baby is born

(Times Opinion, Monday July 2, 2012)

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