Times Opinion today | F1 in London, Lords reform, immigration & a dead badger

Formula One on the streets of London? Cars hurtling past Big Ben? Yes please – the benefits would outweigh the costs (and the disruption), says The Times

on Immigration

Our ageing population mustn’t have an overbearing influence on the wishes of the young, says David Aaronovitch – for example, the young are more liberal about immigration

“We have imported feudal societies into our midst but ignored the people trapped inside them,” Camilla Cavendish says

on Lords reform

“Surely, concentrating into the hands of three party leaders the power to appoint hundreds of legislators in the next-door chamber is a degree of patronage unprecedented anywhere in the democratic world?” says Laura Sandys, MP on House of Lords reform

Still, voters just aren’t interested in this at the moment, and it’s not as if the Government has little else to do, The Times says


Somewhere high above the Congo, Matthew Parris weeps as a badger dies

Leaves on the line – it’s a serious issue, says author Christian Wolmar. They caused one train to slide along helplessly for two miles

Children with terminal illnesses are being failed when their childhoods end, The Times says

(Times Opinion, Thursday June 28, 2012)

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